Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas


Baby showers are a part of the pregnancy experience and can happen at any time of the year. The parents are frazzled and stressed out, making it hard to plan a great baby shower, let alone try to pick a theme. It's easy to fall into a normal blue for boy pink for girl theme, but here in Arlington, TX we like to shake it up. Erinn's Creations would like to help with a few interesting ideas for gender neutral baby showers.

Whether you're planning a surprise gender reveal, or you just want to shake up the norms, planning a gender-neutral baby shower is going to be fun! When you're planning a gender-neutral baby shower, we suggest starting with a fun theme with color palettes that shy away from tradition pinks and blues. We love planning gender neutral baby showers so here are a few of our favorite themes!

Everyone is excited with a new baby on the way, so why not have an Over The Rainbow theme for a gender-neutral baby shower? Bright colors are necessary all through the party. For a centerpiece we suggest the Rainbow Bouquet. Bright lilies in every color of the rainbow will tie together all the colors of your decorations while bringing the rainbow feel. A cupcake bar with bright icing and white holders create their own, rainbow aesthetic. Bright bows can be put on wrapped gifts to continue the colors!

At some point in time, we all wanted to live Under The Sea! This gender-neutral baby shower is a theme based entirely on living in the ocean. We suggest cute fish to cover the walls and Jardineer Garden to decorate the table. A candy bar is always a hit and for this theme try displaying the candy large, fun shaped glass vases. The candies should be separated by color, and with a sand colored table cloth, you have your very own candy coral reef. In the background try playing The Little Mermaid. Not only will it tie the theme together, it will also entertain any kids in attendance.

All of these themes are just starting points. Each party can be made your own and more customized to the parents and their new baby. At Erinn's Creations we try to make every event unique and special for you. When someone you love is pregnant and it's time to start planning, give us a call or stop in our flower shop in Arlington, TX. We love planning parties and we can't wait to make your baby shower a beautiful one!

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