How to Re-Use Dying Flower Bouquets

Here at Erinns Creations we know that even the most beautiful bouquets don’t last forever. So here are some really useful ways to repurpose a dying flower bouquet.


1. Make potpourri

If you want to DIY some amazing and natural potpourri try putting your dying flower petals, thin slices of lemon or citrus, cinnamon sticks and any other natural scent you can think of. (pinecones, pine leave, rosemary leaves) on a baking sheet. Before putting your dying flowers in the oven spritz them with your favorite essential oils, then bake until the leaves and fruit are brittle. Be sure not to burn them, then take them out and spritz with the same oil again. Once is cooled you now have great smelling potpourri.

2. Frame them

When your flowers are dying, you may consider framing them. Try baking your dying flowers to get some of the excess moisture out if they are not already dried completely, then arrange them on a sheet of paper the size of your desired frame. Once you’re happy with the look, set the paper in the frame and you now have décor for your bathroom or fireplace mantle.

3. Add them to candles

This idea is really cool if you love candles. Burn cheap tea light candles until they are majority liquidized, then use a paintbrush to use the wax to adhere the flowers to a side of a candle. How cool is that?

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